Monday, August 17, 2015

Yelp Hurts Thousands of Local Businesses with Unfair Practices

I have a service company that employs over 20 people (more during busy times of the year). I know the names of all my customers, so I know for a FACT that most of my "filtered" reviews are actually from REAL honest to goodness customers who have used my business. Yelp won't show these reviews and also won't count them towards my businesses star rating.

Oh - did I mention that I refuse to advertise with them? Coincidence? Nope. These b*st*rds put ads for my direct competition on "my" yelp page. They call me almost every day with an incredulous tone "I tried to call you last week but you did not call me back! We can get your competition's ads off your page if you'll just buy our ads" Their ad rate is $600+ CPM (which is highway robbery if you know anything about digital advertising pricing).

In my opinion, they are mobsters of the highest order.

Even if I did decide to take part in their racketeering scam, I wouldn't do it unless I had at least a 4 star average review rating. Why? Because anything less than 4 stars and my ads would be useless. Yelp displays your star rating on your ad. Who would click on a yellow colored less-than-4-star rating? I suspect that if I paid the extortion money, they would move some of my good ratings out of the filtered area and actually count them towards my overall rating, as this Jezebel article suggests.

Most small businesses cannot do a darn thing to get their own site to rank higher in Google search results than their Yelp page. Yelp thus holds these businesses hostage, because Yelp owns the search engine ranking of the small business. Don't even get me started with Google. I am not surprised that the federal gov'mint can't do anything about this - they can't understand how to build a simple website, nevermind figure out to stop online racketeering.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Instsaserfs, not sharing economy

I urge you to listen to all three parts of Benjamen Walker's "Theory of Everything" podcast titled "Instaserfs"

Friday, April 11, 2014

Amazon Advertising Rifle Stocks on Google AdWords, Goes Unchecked.

I'm just going to keep posting these examples of how Google AdWords and Google Product Listing Ads allows Amazon and others, like Etsy (??!) to advertise rifle stocks, but if I try it with, Google immediately turns off all my campaigns.

Took this screen shot today:

Thursday, March 6, 2014

My New Show: The SEO Podcast

I've just finished episode number 2 of my new podcast: The SEO Podcast.

The latest show covers several topics:
  • Using Google Webmaster Tools to improve your site's SEO
  • Reporting scraper sites, and 
  • Reporting sites that are buying and selling paid links
  • Commentary on Matt Cutt's recent video describing Google's definition of paid links
You can listen to the podcast by visiting my site, and you can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, and you can also subscribe via whatever podcast app you might prefer (I love Beyond Pod). 

The SEO Podcast